WadzPay, The Global Agnostic Payments Infrastructure

With all the talks around Central Bank Digital Currencies and overall tokenized currencies, Wadzpay offers a businesses and individuals of all level an easy, interoperable and white labelled payments services platform built ready for the future of finance

What is the purpose of WadzPay?

Its not news by now that the adoption and overall usage of digital payments has grown exponentially, especially with the pandemic indirectly supporting such payments. After all it makes sense, payments digitally are more liquid, fractionalizable and also much more diversified in modern era.

With now the additional talk of Central Bank Digital Currencies being the hot topic in many macro FinTech outlooks, WadzPay is looking to continue allowing a our world to have a seamless and interoperable payments system, while adding on to many of the current shortcomings such as the lack of security, universal interoperability, and inclusion. All while providing a these services as a white label product for businesses to offer a custom programmable payments/merchants platform.

WadzPay infographic by @XX_1133–1221_11