Vectorspace, Unprecedented Utility in the Age of Data

With the exponentially growing amounts of data generation, Vectorspace AI is aiming to transform our current utilization of data into a far more versatile and descriptively understanding through machine learning, to enhance our vision of a smart automated future.


Unlike the majority of projects within this space that are looking to solve a general economic solution whether in the legacy side or this new decentralized world. Few projects are looking to actually build upon the abilities blockchain and distributed ledgers bring into a real applicable business model to disrupt various industries.

Through the usage of NLP/NLU to input data, it allows systems to have a mind of its own and begin understanding and learning the context and definitions behind each source of data inputted. This then enables them to create smart correlation matrix datasets, which are able to detect hidden relations within certain variables.

Whether these variables be the performance of theme related assets over a period of time, or a basket of chemical compounds reactions to human genes, or even Stephen Curry’s shooting percentages on nights he wears pink sneakers.

Fundamentally everything can be broken down into data. Nature, human behaviour, business sales, these…