Tokenized News: Middle of the Storm.

From the war in Ukraine and the controversy behind NATO & the UN, to the news of a Biden Executive Order on the crypto space. Itโ€™s surely beginning to feel like weโ€™re caught in the middle of a storm.


Where do we even start? All the talks about the pandemic seems to have been wiped away by the tragedy going on in Ukraine. What many of us were initially hoping was just a show of power from Putin has since clearly unravelled itself as a declaration of war. This has seen the globally focused conversations switch from COVID and the potential of rate hikes, to how now the best measures to take to deescalate this situation that could lead to potentially a world war if left uncontained.

Its almost as if social divide has been the theme over the past few years, from the controversy over the pandemic, to the countless protests that have brewed up around the world. Our global society seems to have been splitting further and further apart due to controversy far beyond politics.

Of course this finally leads us to talk about what weโ€™re all here for, the Digital Asset Space. While markets have been rather shaky over the past while, the recent events going on around the world have ironically shown the power that crypto assets can bring towards not only individuals but even nations.

Lets take a deeper dive into some of the things really causing this storm around the world.

The War in Ukraine

While I donโ€™t really have a strong personal opinion on whose right and whose wrong, its never good to hear innocent citizens being helplessly harmed or force to fight for their country due to circumstances entirely outside of their control like this. It truly is saddening to see how we never learn from our past.

The majority of mainstream media believes Russia is entirely in the wrong and Putin is nothing more than a criminal given large headlines. But there is far more to whats being shown on mainstream media behind this war.

Before we dive into that, its interesting that both Russia & Ukraine had decided to legalize and regulate crypto assets very close to the same time just a little prior to the battle thats broken out.