Tokenized News: Blood In The Streets

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So, pretty much red all across the boards. Bitcoin fell down to about 33K before a slow recovery back upwards, as alts are facing a similar pattern in this recent downtrend. But this correction wasnโ€™t just in the world of crypto. The SP500 along with the Nasdaq Index fell nearly 10% from its market open on Friday.

Now questions and opinions birthed from fear of this downturn have begun. Many are questioning if weโ€™re in a bear market now, some are wondering whether the bottom is in yet, and some are starting to believe that this is the end for crypto as a whole.

Lets take a look at some of the possible driving factors that have caused markets across the world to experience pain.


Russia has been making some moves in the world of politics, initially the Central Bank of Russia had come out following their neighbour Chinas footsteps, by proposing a ban on the entire crypto industry as a whole from using crypto to mining crypto.

But thats not all coming out of Russia. Thereโ€™s also been heavy tension between their other neighbour Ukraine. As theres been news headlines filled with Russia possibly threatening to invade Ukraine. Over the past several months Russia has deployed an estimated 100,000 troops along the border between them and Ukraine over the past few months, while Russia claims theyโ€™re only there for routine military practices. Reading between the lines seem to tell a different story.

Iโ€™m not gonna make this a history lesson by describing the entire history between Ukraine and Russia, but in case anyones curious there has been tension between the two dating back to 2014. Currently Putin is demanding that no former Soviet states be added into NATO and for all military cooperations within Eastern Europe with NATO come to an end.

Forces around the world have already begun to step in and warn Russia of this heavily controversial decision. While some questionable responses have arouseโ€ฆ