The New Age of Disruption for Crypto Exchanges

Exchanges have been a core part of this crypto asset space for some time now, the birth of exchange tokens only accelerated this the growth in this sub sector. But as weโ€™ve seen with this space, innovation is always just right around the corner.


Crypto exchanges have become a tool weโ€™ve begun to utilize on a day to day basis in this space, with the options of the beginner friendly and convenient centralized exchanges, to the non-custodial and fully peer to peer decentralized exchanges. Weโ€™ve seen a variety of new options and railways being built and developed everyday for potentially superior alternatives to some of the exchanges weโ€™ve begun to grow so used to.

Popular (De)Centralized Exchanges

Some of the most prominent exchanges have been a crossover from both the centralized side and the decentralized side. As centralized exchanges tend to be the most common way for those new to this space to begin their journey, weโ€™ve seen some custodial exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance really take off in growth and demand. Whereas decentralized exchanges tend to have a bit steeper of a learning curve and require some basic knowledge of the mechanics behindโ€ฆ