The Journey In My First Year of Blockchain Research

Itโ€™s wild how time flies, just a year ago I started out writing up these Medium articles on blockchain projects I found interesting & in the blink of an eye we now have a dedicated community spread around the world where everyones passionate to not just build a brighter future for themselves and those around them but to continue looking for answers.

Here is the story to my experience on the first year of our journey in the digital asset space.


Over this last year, every day of mine has revolved around two key pillars thats ended up shaping so much of where I am today, research and development. Iโ€™d already been deep in the crypto space for pretty much all of 2020โ€“2021, but really wanted to kick the research up a notch to take advantage of this rare opportunity in such an innovative market, though doing so through content creation never really struck as an idea for me.

The reason I began creating educational content around everything from distributed ledger technology, economics & more was never initially meant to grow into the global community that weโ€™ve formed today, to put it frankly I did it partially out of pure boredom and to hopefully bring some talks of it to my economics classrooms.

It all started out with me having an average of a 4 hour gap between my classes, so I decided to write some personal articles around looking fundamentally in depth into a crypto project & eventually this lead to me deciding to try & shill my Economics professors about what was going on in crypto through writing articles explaining the value proposition and the growing reality of virtual economies.

So in between classes Iโ€™d begin to write continuouslyโ€ฆ

Initially things were going pretty well, I was definitely getting along well with my professors thanks to my genuine passion for learning further about economics. From the marginal utility and impact in individual households and businesses behind everything microeconomics, all the way to the global big picture power shifts around the world in macroeconomics. I wanted to understand how this globalized world order worked on every level.

So with a common interest in economics, I decided to start out light throughโ€ฆ