Pyramids, Distributed Networks Before Blockchain

Pyramids continue to remain as one of Earths greatest mysteries, from their origins to why they were built. There are countless possible conclusions but none that truly give us a determined answer


The history of blockchain networks can be dated back to The Pyramids

Through years of research we’ve found hints of what they could’ve represented

I’ll uncover how pyramids represent DLT networks through CONNECTIVITY

The question of who built the pyramids continue to remain a mystery, history says ancient Egyptians slaves or farmers built the 3 main pyramids of Giza over the course of 100 years (1 pyramid=33 years)


△Giza is 1/20th of a degree to True North
△Giza coordinates = speed of light in km/h
△Giza Pyramids line up EXACTLY to Orions Belt

Compasses were supposedly introduced in 200 BCE, Giza was constructed in 2550 BCE…

Giza aligns with True North more than any other structure on Earth

Light Speed=299 792.458 km/h


-Approx 2.3 mil stones for big Giza (Khufu)
-Stones weigh ~2–15 tonnes (5000–30K lbs)
-There were ~100,000 builders

Person standing in front of Giza for reference

I’ll be generous & 2x the builders to 200K

Being conservative the average stone would be 8,000 lbs. Lets say 32 men are responsible for each stone meaning 250lbs distributed per builder

In one cycle with 200K men, you would be able to move exactly 6,250 stones. Do this 367 more times & you’ll get the amount you need for Giza

Keep in mind the monument would get harder to build as it narrows toward the top triangle. Casualties were likely a common thing & finding sufficient replacements for the labor remains…


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