Morpheus, Blockchain Meets Supply Chain

Talks of blockchain & distributed ledgers changing the way industries go about this business has been a topic for discussion for sometime now. Morpheus has taken the initiative to disrupt the backlogged and outdated supply chain industry

What is Morpheus Network?

With the current issues with the supply chain and commerce industry largely driven by the heavy rise in demand for online shopping and general e-commerce thats been caused due to the pandemic. From a shortage of supplies to the total disorganization caused by the rise in volume, to now the added pressure due to sanctions as a response for Russia’s actions. Their needs to be improvements all around in the industry, specifically within logistics and authentication. In fact the World Economic Forum has stated that by reducing supply chain inefficiencies we could potentially see a rise in global GPD of about 5%.

Morpheus Network is here to be that change through automating and simplifying our current procedure through changing our operations within logistics, authenticity along with transparency of information, and automation of these small micro processes all throughout its production cycle up until it arrives in the customers hands. As a blockchain designed with the niche to focus on one specific industry, Morpheus Network has been built by previous experts in the industry that understand the issues such as a lack of verification and authenticity of records that could easily be solved by an immutable ledger, or the abundance of unnessacary paper documents or contracts that can all be instantly verified and signed digitally through the deployment of smart contracts.

With a plethora of first hand experience paired with a knowledgeable team, Morpheus Network is a blockchain built to be optimized to disrupt the supply chain industry as a middleware technology thats seen utilization and integrations of their solutions from some of the largest and most renounced corporations within supply chain management, payment infrastructures and other general…