Meta? Crypto? Blockchain? NFT? Sneak Peak of Our Future

Going Virtual

Over the years our world has gradually begun to become more digital. From video calls, to realistic gaming experiences, all the way to online shopping. All these things were nothing more than a fantasy two decades ago.

COVID Changes

Back in March of 2020, when the pandemic took the world by storm. Forcing everyone to stay at home, while closing off any β€œnon-essential” businesses. For a while, the world was temporarily put on pause, waiting to figure out the next best course of action. Work, school, gatherings, for the first time in our lives, came to a complete halt.

With the technology we have today, we acted fast. Soon enough, people were working and having face to face business meetings in the comfort of their own home. Students were at home attending their virtual classrooms, while doing all their schoolwork online. Social media and gaming became the new way to hang out and catch up with your friends.

The world wasn’t expecting to move digitally this fast. Just a year ago, if an employee were to request to work from home, their employer would probably consider firing them on the spot. A student asking to attend school virtually would have gotten a long lecture by their teacher. From being an outcast, to the new norm.

What’s Coming

So whats next? We can already work at home, attend school online and catch up with friends and family virtually. Well, the level of virtuality we’re currently at is still in its infant stages, we’re still only living the virtual experience through a little screen.

Facebook, the largest global social network has recently changed their company name to β€œMeta”. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg decided they will be shifting their objective from a social network, to accelerating the innovation of a genuine virtual world.

With slipping on a pair of glasses, users are transformed into the Metaverse. Rather than staring through a computer screen, metaverse users perception will make them believe they are in a virtual dimension.

Words can’t do the Metaverse experience justice, so heres a quick video

How Does Crypto Play Into This?

So everyone keeps saying β€œcrypto is the future” right? Well nows the time to show for it. Facebook (or Meta) has already come out with plans to launch the Diem, their own digital currency, as this will likely be for payments within their Metaverse. Traditional bank accounts will likely not play a role within the Metaverse as it greatly increases the risk of potential malicious hacks. So why not digital wallets and transact on a blockchain? With the use of blockchain and DLT, users are in full control of their funds at all times. Those within the crypto space are likely already familiar with this term. A digital wallet is secured by a line of randomly generated words, which are the only way to access each users funds.

Community tokens have also been a rising topic within the crypto space, and they seem to fit perfectly with the metaverse. Communities within social networks are current a common thing, but how many communities allow for users to contribute and participate to the success of that community? Well not many, community tokens will allow for communities built within a network to be distributed to passionate members of each respective community.

Just like in the real world, there will be things people will want to buy in the metaverse. From clothes, to art, to even VIP memberships within the virtual world. All these items will likely be sold as NFT’s (non fungible tokens), to provide true ownership of each of these items.


Once the metaverse has rolled out and gone through testing, its possible we slowly begin to see not only work offices becoming virtual in the comfort of your own home. Global boundaries become removed as someone in America could play a game of basketball or go surfing with their friend in Africa in the metaverse.

What used to seem like something we’d see in a Sci-Fi film is slowly beginning to build out. From removing the inconvenience of having to transport to work, to completely disrupting the boundaries of exercising, to a completely innovative social experience that redefines β€œsocial networks”.

About Me

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my work. I’m your average 20 year old, currently in school for Economics and Finance. Some of my hobbies consist of sports, working out and staring at price charts.

I initially began interested in the crypto space after frustrations with legacy markets. From the second I read about the Ethereum ecosystem, I fell in love. An entire ecosystem built on one platform that anybody can access? Unheard of, until now.

With how fast this space is developing, I try and find projects within this industry that show promise and potential to disrupt our modern world. All this fundamental analysis not only helps me better understand these projects better, but hopefully gives you guys some newfound information!

If there are any projects you’d wish to suggest me take a look into, I’m always available on Twitter




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