Into The Macro: Constellation, An Infinitely Scalable Future

While we are becoming more advanced at processing and transacting data throughout the world. We sometimes forget to realize that some of the data we generate can sometimes be our most valuable information and a high utility asset.

Data Within Everything

Over the years, as our world began to advance more and more technologically due to the ability of understanding data and machines, we now live in a world where data has become one of our most valuable and robust advancements within humanities recent development.

From the retail sector of average everyday citizens, to the private sector of enterprises and corporations, all the way to the federal level. We’re generating and processing an incomprehensible amount of data everyday, and its only growing. Where nowadays some of our most important information is stored on the cloud as data, it has been apparent that the current system and networks for processing and managing data will soon become incompetent as it is already seeing problems of scaling to the exponential growing supply and demand of this newfound method of information. Through cyberattacks, single points of failures and misinterpreted data some of the smallest mistakes in processing this information can lead to the loss of billions within seconds or in worse cases, the loss of many lives.

With an outlook on the future and the expected future growth of IOT to reach 25 billion devices and each person owning an average of four by 2030. The expected amount of data generated will skyrocket exponentially from the heights its already at today.

So how will we manage to optimally utilize all this information we’re expected to generate? How can we feel safe with so much of our valuable information stored into systems, and can decentralization change how our data is managed?

The Solution

Constellation Network is working within big data and cybersecurity to build solutions for data to be transacted, monetized and freely flow in a robustly decentralized secure and infinitely scaleable network they have built. With their belief of the future being micropayments for services, Constellation has built an ecosystem in which participants are incentivized for securing and validating the network and has created the Layer 0 standard for blockchains through HGTP.

With the solutions Constellation provides, they allow both entrepreneurs and enterprises to build applications upon their network, or to participate within their marketplace of monetized data. With some large tech sector enterprises already begun taking notice of Constellations and collaborating for their services. MOBI and the US Air Force are both working with Constellation in an attempt to build out more scaleable solutions of transferring information in a secure and scalable manner. One thing both these organizations have in common, is that they require incomprehensible amounts of information settlements to be as near real time and as accurately as human possible. As one mistake within either of these respective industries, whether it be a breach or information not processing up to date, could lead to potential casualties and lawsuits.

While our technological world may seem extremely advanced and perhaps it may even be hard to imagine a world where technology further advances than today. Through utilizing the full untapped potential of IoT technology we’re able to build an autonomous infrastructure, this all requires significant amounts of data to be moving around with real time settlements and validations of the information. Constellation has solved all of the above’s problems with our current process of data and aims to disrupt this sector with a superior solution.

The Big Picture

Constellation brings a more robust, more secure and overall a more ideal way to advance within how we handle one of our most utilized assets in our modern lives. From small minute amounts of data such we unconsciously generate, such as fitness trackers within Apple Watches, all the way to the valuable data created within hospitals or government defence bases. Constellation is able to allow all these data streams to securely move around or be monetized in a way that allows individuals more ownership over their personal information.

The amount of data generated between each person everyday has grown exponentially over the years, to the point now where any essential information of a person is likely stored on the cloud in the form of data. With over 1,108 data breaches in just 2020 alone, potentially exposing many corporations clients personalized and sensitive information. A large part of these hacks being prominent are due to large corporations offering their digital services within a centralized server. Meaning the server is why they can provide these services, yet can also be the single point of failure in the case of a hack.

Constellation understands that building a decentralized network with node operators distributed around the world allows for a network that isn’t fully controlled by a single party while also greatly mitigating the risk of a potential hack, as in the scenario multiple node operators go down, the network will readjust and adapt to continue operating. With the current requirement for running a Constellation node consists of owning 250 thousand of their native $DAG token along with a computer, with node operators being rewarded for securing and validating transactions on the network with $DAG. Its very likely that as Constellation continues to grow in adoption they will continue becoming more decentralized as more participants will be incentivized to run additional nodes for passive income along with assisting in maintaining optimal security in the network.

The Verdict

Constellation has built their system with the plan to infinitely scale into the future where we will be producing exponentially more data, as their network has been built to scale horizontally to strengthen the scalability of the ecosystem as network adoption continues to grow. Through the utilization of their Hypergraph, Constellation is able to allow all forms of data to freely flow in a feeless and infinitely scalable ecosystem with instant settlements.

As machine learning and IoT becomes integrated into parts of our lives that require instant attention to detail such as driving or machinery production, the need for scalable and securely validated data will be required in order to prevent mistakes such as latency between processing and execution or the input of invalid data. These minor errors could lead to an automotive vehicle potentially driving through a red light or a production machine malfunction leading to the potential loss of billions of dollars or worse, lives. I’m sure we’ve all seen some Sci-Fi scenes along the lines of this.

We’re currently producing an average 2.5 million terabytes of data per day and created 64.2 zettabytes in 2020, we’re estimated to produce 181 zettabytes by 2025 (1 zettabyte=1 billion terabytes). With many talks and worries of the next big attack being within cybersecurity, that will be a lot of sensitive and private information across both federal and the private sector becoming exposed. Constellation is aware of this threat and also understands that through the utilization of a network that scales in line with adoption growth, along with a decentralized structure of globally distributed node operators which secure and validate transacts on their Hypergraph can greatly mitigate the potential risk of a cyber hack without a single point of failure.

*None of the information listed is financial or investment advice and should only be taken as entertainment or educational as I’m not a financial advisor*

About Me

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my work. I’m your average 21 year old, currently in school for Economics and Finance. Some of my hobbies consist of sports, working out and staring at price charts.

I initially began interested in the crypto space after frustrations with legacy markets. From the second I read about the Ethereum ecosystem, I fell in love. An entire ecosystem built on one platform that anybody can access? Unheard of, until now.

With how fast this space is developing, I try and find projects within this industry that show promise and potential to disrupt our modern world. All this fundamental analysis not only helps me better understand these projects better, but hopefully gives you guys some newfound information!

If there are any projects you’d wish to suggest me take a look into, I’m always available on Twitter and YouTube




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