Casper Network, Spooky Sight For Siloed Blockchains

With the abundance of Layer 1 networks, all with their own little spin to either attempt at dethroning Ethereum or building for enterprise grade adoption… There haven’t been too many that have been successful with either of these tasks.


The fact is that large enterprises have given little to no interest in the overwhelming majority of the public blockchain networks that are in the current Layer 1 space.

Of course theres the occasional outliers such as Hedera with their governance council & Energy Web with their foundings from Rocky Mountain Institute and other energy corporations, paired with a handful of a few others that have drawn some real business attraction.

Within the abundance of Layer 1’s is Casper Network which has shown interest from businesses and global organizations alike for its unique hybrid network flexibility allowing businesses to set specific parameters around features required for their operations.


The overwhelming majority of businesses that are building on blockchain have opted for private permissioned DLTs such as various Hyperledger modules, R3’s Corda & Consensys/JP Morgan’s Quorum, which often times fit the parameters required for operations such as private consortium initiatives or backend business logistics.

These solutions are perfect fits for enterprise B2B tasks to enhance efficiency in business operations and cutting costs while keeping private proprietary data secured and only allowing the desired permissioned members to join the network.

But as blockchain & DLT continue to be integrated within our daily lives and even being utilized as core economic infrastructure on multiple levels seen by examples such as LACChain connecting the entire contients and its citizens of Latin America & the Carribieans to DLT.

The need for a solution to connect network & allow the synergies between public permissionless DLTs and private permissioned DLTs will be essential.

Whether its interoperability between different permissioned systems or the ability to create hybrid customizable blockchain networks to operate with & between the public retail citizen focused…




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